Why I Am A Proper Author…

Why I Am A Proper Author…

… and how I forgot to tell you until almost a week later.

Seriously. Aside from a flippant note at the bottom of my TCWT post, I was so wrapped up dealing with the blog drama that went down last week that it completely slipped my mind to tell you that St Mallory’s Forever! has been released.

I know. Debut author. Should be fairly mental about it, shouldn’t I? Well, I had other things on my mind come Thursday, and it’s not as if I didn’t mention it … anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter will already have been inundated with links. And of course, I did refer to it here. I even have a ‘Books’ page, on which it is proudly showcased.

But I didn’t write a post about it. I’m fairly sure Charley did, though due to a complete disagreement between JARVIS and Blogger — and an equally irritating disagreement between her school internet and WordPress — I haven’t been able to check her blog to find out. She made a video about it. I haven’t yet, and I’m the YouTube partner of the two of us!

I’m going to. I swear I’m going to. But it’s been absolutely mental here and I haven’t even caught up on all the guest posts I promised to do, so I’m just trying to stay afloat.

For those who are new here, St Mallory’s Forever! is a book I co-wrote with Charley Robson and Saffina Desforges (Saffi and Mark to us!) over the past year and a half. Though completely different from my normal, angsty books, it was good fun to write. We’re even hoping it’ll turn out to be a series… so if it gets big, you heard it here first.

Well, maybe sort of fifth. I know, I should’ve posted on Thursday. I was busy, okay?

It’s a YA mystery novel set in a boarding school. You may have read Enid Blyton stories back in childhood; yes, the title is supposed to remind you of them. But it’s different. It’s modern, for a start, and thanks to Charley (our very own boarding school inmate), it features an updated presentation of a boarding school. What’s more, we wanted a personal, first person narrator, but diaries are so last century. What to do?

The answer: BLOGS.

Charley, Mark, Saffi and I all have blogs, even if Mark occasionally disappears for six months, leaving his blog followers wondering whether or not he is dead. We know how to write blogs. And it’s a fairly standard thing for a vaguely intelligent, literate teenager to do, whether it’s the intellectual book blog type or the fandom madness that goes down over on Tumblr. I’d say I’m somewhere in between the two, in that if you catch me unawares I am just as likely to be fangirling over some poor BBC actor’s cheekbones than reviewing a book.

So, we wrote it from the perspective of three bloggers. Yep. None of them have any idea that the others have blogs, which may lead to trouble when others in the school find them…

Oh, I wonder why that sounds familiar. I swear we wrote this last year, not last week! ;)

We’ll have a print copy out sometime in February. I say out, but it’ll be a print on demand copy, so you won’t actually be able to walk into a shop and buy it. Many sads on that front. Right now, however, it’s an e-book. Reasonably priced, available most places… and I wrote it!

So, if you like my blog, if you hate my blog but like Charley’s, or if you’re a sucker for boarding school mysteries, why not add it to your to-read list? After all, it’s been out five days and we’ve had a 5* review already!

Amazon UK
Amazon US
(also available on all other Amazon sites, but that’s a lot, so I won’t link to them all)
Barnes & Noble

It should be filtering through to other eBook platforms soon — stay tuned! If you have a link that you’d like to share, please do :) (I’m not sure I can get into things like the iBookstore as I avoid Apple products and programs like the plague after what happened to JARVIS when I tried to install iTunes…)


Title of this blog sound familiar? You might be remembering this…

19 thoughts on “Why I Am A Proper Author…

  1. WordPress celarly hates my work machine…

    Dang, I missed bing your first 5 star? Ah well. maybe I’ll be the first to blog a review? (though knowing how slow I am, that woudl be a miricle)

    Still I’m at least half way through, the first chunk having kept me up till 2 am. Need to finished it soon! (But oh so many things, so little time)

    Oh I did want to mention, for the USA readers – if you haven’t heard of Enid Blyton, think Nancy Drew, and if you haven’t heard of her, think teenage slueths – you know, like a more serious Scooby Do? *grins*

    However you want to look at it. It’s a good read… Not that I have to tell Miriam that, lol, but I had to say it just in case her blog followers decide to read my comment. :}

  2. Ehehe, you say I “made a video”. Really it’s just two minutes of me brandishing the cover at them and going ‘LOOK. NAME. ON BOOK’. Not very in-depth. I’m bad a vlogs :P

    No worries about being slow on the post, too – looks like our Facebook page has seen plenty of action in the meantime!

  3. Well, my family is not very technology oriented, but my mom recently got a kindle, so perhaps I can read it from there. I read the synopsis, and it sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to publish a book, though I don’t know how to go about it. I’ve always told myself that I’ll publish a book when I am an adult, but it’d be cool to do that as a young author. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I’ll go see if I can buy your book.

    1. I always planned to traditionally publish — you know, research agents, query, hope they like you, then try and get a publisher. With St Mall’s, it all happened rather differently. Perhaps the next one will be via a more traditional route. (Next one being a solo book, not the next St Mall’s book.)

      1. I just don’t know who to go to. I’ve only ever finished two books, both through NaNoWriMo, and they need a lot of editing. I’ll probably self publish them both, eventually. They’re part of a projected trilogy. And now I’m rambling about writing again. Well, I suppose it’s one of my favorite topics.
        Oh, and do you know if St. Mall’s is available for Nook as well as Kindle?

        1. It will be, but I’m not sure if it is yet. We’re slowly filtering through to other platforms, but I don’t know how long it will take :)
          Yeah, NaNo novels need work. But all novels need work. There’s no reason why they couldn’t one day be successful. Keep going, and if I can offer any advice ever, just ask!

  4. I don’t have a Kindle per se, but I have a Kindle application on my PC, so same thing. I downloaded it not moments ago and will read as soon as may be, to borrow a Tolkienish phrase. Anything for a fellow NaNo-er and devotee of the Sporky Force. :)

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  6. Congratulations! I’ll definitely be reading it. :) It sounds just like my kind of book. I love mysteries(and boarding schools).
    Enid Blyton…I’ve always wanted to read her Famous Five books, but they are hard to get in here in the US.

    1. I liked the Faraway Tree, but personally I was never a big fan of the Famous Five. I found them rather boring and repetitive… but don’t tell Mark I said that because he’s an Enid Blyton nut ;)

  7. Congratulations! I shall see if I can eventually get a hold of it. (Is ‘get a hold of’ the right phrase for an E-book?)
    And I’ve read the series with Kiki the parrot (whose title escapes me at the moment) but never the Famous Five or Boxcar Children.

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